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Chinese and Asian Cuisine


Soup, Platters, Appetisers


Hot & Sour (spicy) £4.50
Vegetable Hot & Sour (spicy) £4.00
Sweetcorn £4.00
Chicken & Sweetcorn £4.50
Chicken Noodle £4.50
Tom Yum with King Prawn (spicy) £4.50
Crab & Sweetcorn £4.50
WonTon £4.50
Shredded Duck & Vegetable £4.50
Prawn crackers £2.95
Thai crackers £3.50

Little Hong Kong Platters

LHK Platters (Minimum 2 Diners)
LHK Platter
Spare Ribs, Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings, Spring Rolls, Chicken Satay, Seaweed
LHK Seafood Platter
Salt, Pepper & Chilli Squid, King Prawn Tempura, Crispy Won Ton, Prawn Toast, Seaweed
LHK Vegetable Platter
Vegetable Spring rolls, Vegetable Samosas, Salt & Pepper Tofu, Vegetable Tempura, Seaweed


Duck Spring Rolls (3) £5.75
Spring Rolls (3)
Vegetable Spring Rolls (3) £4.75
Vegetable Samosa (3) £4.75
Meat Samosa (3) £4.75
Authentic Thai Fishcakes (4, spicy) £5.00
Chicken Wings (Salt, Pepper & Chilli or Cantonese Sauce) £6.50
Ribs (Salt, Pepper & Chilli, BBQ, Peking or OK Sauce) £7.50
Steamed Sui Mai (Prawn & Pork Dumplings) £3.95
Steamed Har Kau (Prawn Dumplings) £3.95
Vegetable War Tips (Pan Fried Dumplings) £3.95
Crispy Won Ton (4) £4.75
Seaweed with Toasted Almonds £4.75
Sesame Prawn Toast (4) £6.95
Shredded Chicken in Lettuce Wrap £6.50
Shredded Prawn in Lettuce Wrap £7.50
Salt & Pepper Tofu £4.75
Tempura Vegetables £5.25
Mussels served in Black Bean Sauce or Thai Green Curry £6.25
Tempura King Prawns £8.95
Fresh Scallops with Ginger & Spring Onion, in Shell £3.75 each
Deep Fried Oysters £7.95
Chicken Satay Skewers served with Peanut Sauce £6.25
Salt, Pepper & Chilli Squid £6.75
Salt, Pepper & Chilli King Prawns £7.95
King Prawns Satay Skewers served with Peanut Sauce £8.95
Steamed King Prawns with Ginger & Spring Onion, in Shell £9.50
Golden Scallops £7.95
Thai Salad with Chicken £6.95
Thai Salad with King Prawns £7.95

Allergies: Although great care is taken in the preparation of our dishes, we cannot guarantee protection from any allergic reaction.

Gratuities at diner’s discretion. All tips shared amongst staff.


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